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I just took a moment to look at Google Earth and see how far I am from the US of A, and I’m really, really far. Depending on where you are reading this, I am probably further south of the equator than you are north of it. And yet, conveniently only an hour ahead of Eastern Time – no jet lag! not much jet lag!

Kevin and I got here in the very early hours of yesterday morning, went to a hotel for like 8 hours, and then got a taxi to meet someone with the keys to our apartment (hilarious, fitting all of our bags and three people into one little car).

Not immediately obvious was the fact that the streets were kind of deserted. Come to find out that yesterday was Uruguay’s independence day holiday, and nothing around us was open (not like America, where every holiday is an excuse for a sale!). We had no food in our apartment, and more importantly, no toilet paper. So we went out foraging – I literally followed smoke from a few streets over and found we live close to this adorable little market street. It’s going to be so sweet when everything is open! And there was a convenience store that saved the day. Also, it had a bakery in the back – can you imagine if 7-eleven did this? Fantastic bread and cheese there that saved us from holiday starvation.

We found what was smoking too – it’s this indoor meat market/restaurant space called Mercado del Puerto – you should google it. Apparently that’s where Anthony Bourdain went when he came to MVD. Just spit after spit of like every kind of meat… We haven’t been to eat there yet, but we will probably this weekend or next. Look forward to photos 🙂 Also this weekend, we have big plans: find a laundromat and a nearby grocery store. Stay tuned.

we really need to find a laundromat

we really need to find a laundromat