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Our apartment here in Montevideo is “furnished.” Things that doesn’t include that I wish it did: a plunger (although it has one now, as it became very necessary…), a broom, a coffee maker, and a vegetable peeler. Carrots being one of my favorite snack foods and a necessary ingredient in my tomato sauce of first cooking-post fame, this lack of peeler was disconcerting until my wise and brilliant spouse showed me this trick that I will pass on to all of you.

Did you know that you can peel a carrot (and I would guess also a potato) with the blunt edge of a steak knife? You can! You just run the blunt edge over the veggie just like you would a peeler.


While it doesn’t peel neatly, and it takes a little longer, you lose all danger of peeling oneself instead of the veggie, as I have done on multiple occasions. And more importantly, you don’t need a peeler to get the job done! Maybe all of you knew this already and I am the last one, but I thought this was so cool.

One other note about carrots: I have been absolutely astonished at the size of carrots down here and in Costa Rica – they are absolutely massive.


When you buy them in the US, they are so tiny by comparison! Especially the organic ones are skinny and knotted, and altogether kind of pathetic. I begin to wonder if this hemisphere pities us our wimpy carrots.