Hello All,

I found a school here with an interesting model – on top of traditional classes, they also teach skills courses where you learn a secondary skill, but you learn it in English (guitar in English, etc.). I have not been hired there or anything, but it set me off thinking about what I could teach, which made me think “how to cook American food,” which set me off daydreaming about American food, and then thinking about what food is actually American. Can you think of anything that isn’t on this list? Leave it for me in the comments! Bonus points if I could actually find the ingredients here and make it 🙂

Pie (apple, strawberry rhubarb?)


Chocolate chip cookies




Fried Chicken


maybe burritos?

I might also add a little British section that would include scones and muffins (can Americans claim muffins?) so that we could have tea in class 🙂