Why I’m here

IMG_3132In June 2013, armed with 6 suitcases, my husband and I left the US to take on life in South America. We’re coming back, but only when we feel like it.

I love etymologies, so here is mine: I’ve lived most of my life in the South, land of peaches and butter, but I didn’t know that I liked cooking until college. At the University of Georgia, I had the privilege of living and cooking with some of my best friends, who helped me learn new tastes and techniques. From there, the internet and the need to feed myself have brought me to where I have cooked food from all over the map. An adventurous husband and a curious spirit bring me to where I am – that is, actually living all over the map.

In the States, we regularly encounter so many kinds of food. I used to live in the DC area, and it was easy to drive around for 20 minutes and see Mexican, Guatemalan, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, Lebanese, Greek, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Afghan, Indian, and Pakistani restaurants. You have to look a good deal harder to find a stray Peruvian or Ecuadorian place or a Brazilian-style steakhouse. South America is so vastly underrepresented that I didn’t know what I was in for at all before I came here. But now I know! And it’s so good! Here, I’ll talk about every food aspect: what it is, how it looks, how you buy it, how you make it, and how it tastes. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my South American newcomer food experiences and recipes.